How To Register A Prospect After Getting Your Activation Code

1. You CLICK on your referral link first OR you paste the link on your browser
2. Input the activation
3. Before you go on to fill the person detail, make sure your REFERRAL NAME is on the last box. If not, please go back and try again.. If you INPUT your name or PASTE your referral link/name there you wouldn't get paid.. Your name should automatically be there. If u put it yourself, you WOULDN'T get PAID.
4. Once you've confirmed your name, go on and login the account to create username i.e referral name
5. Username should be just one name i.e no spacing
6. Congratulations, you've just registered a new member...
7. Please remember #3
8. You earn 65% referral bonus whenever you refer someone.

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1. Advertising on WhatsApp
- create a WhatsApp group with a catchy name; (eg: Adsinvests daily earners). - advertise your group link on your status, WhatsApp groups and on standard WhatsApp TVs. -when a substantial amount of people have joined your group, run a detailed and interesting presentation outlining reasons why they should join Adsinvests
2. Advertising on your Facebook timeline and on Facebook groups.
3. Running paid ads on Facebook.
4. Advertising on your Twitter and Instagram handles